For experienced landlords, effective property preparation is key to worry-free success in Jersey’s rental market.

Connections Accommodation Agency brings you a straightforward checklist to ensure your property is ready for tenants.

1. Jersey Rental Laws Compliance

Stay updated with Jersey’s rental laws. Compliance with safety standards and tenant rights is non-negotiable.

2. Permits and Inspections

Secure any necessary permits and complete required property inspections to meet local regulations.

3. Safety Standards

Ensure your property meets fire safety requirements, including functioning smoke detectors and electrical safety.

4. Property Presentation

Improve curb appeal with simple upgrades like fresh paint and tidy landscaping. A well-presented property attracts quality tenants.

5. Utilities and Maintenance Plan

Decide on utility handling (included in rent or separate) and set up a responsive maintenance system.

6. Market-Appropriate Rent

Set rent based on local market rates, considering your property’s features and location.

7. Clear Lease Agreement

Draft a comprehensive lease covering rent, deposit, maintenance responsibilities, and lease terms.

8. Effective Marketing

Advertise your property with quality photos and accurate descriptions. Utilize popular rental platforms for exposure.

9. Tenant Screening

Conduct thorough background checks including credit, employment, and references to secure reliable tenants.

10. Property Management Services

For a hands-off approach, consider Connections’ professional property management services to handle operational tasks.


Proper preparation sets the stage for a successful letting experience in Jersey.

Connections Accommodation Agency is here to assist every step of the way. Contact us for experienced support with property management solutions.

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