Terms & Conditions

Connections is a property introduction agency only and cannot be held responsible if accommodation once accepted by yourself proves to be unsuitable.

Whilst we aim  view a good percentage (but not all) of the units available and offer an honest appraisal to prospective tenants the ultimate decision to accept any unit lies with  the tenant/lodger .That decision needs to be based on the viewing and information supplied to you directly from the Landlord.

The responsibilty of that decision remains with the tenant/lodger.Should Accommodation once accepted  subsequently prove to be unsuitable that would be a matter to be resolved by the tenant/lodger directly with the landlord.

Unless otherwise stated in an advert the tenant/lodger pays for our services.On accepting accommodation  you have viewed by an  appointment arranged by Connections a fee of the equivalent of one weeks` rent is payable.(Immediately on acceptance)This can be paid by cheque,  or bank transfer.

Should you NOT accept the accommodation no fee is due.

Once accommodation is accepted no refund of any fees paid  are made under any circumstances.